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Founded in the year 2000, Vector stands out in the market for the use of advanced technology, tools that prioritize efficiency, information security, agility in processes and excellence in the quality of service.

In 2013, Vector Services becomes Vector Contact Center. A new concept, a new brand and all communication focused on the Customer Service market. On a new face, increasingly providing high quality services.

In 2014, Vector doubled its capacity to 2,500 service positions. Following the new strategy, the company also inaugurated a commercial unit in São Paulo, on Paulista Avenue, the country’s financial center to be closer to customers in the Southeast.

Vector wins the 3rd position of Best Active Sales Operations company, according to research conducted by the Standard Group (CIP), the result was announced in the Customer Relationship Yearbook in 2014/2015. This award is an important recognition of the market that is strongly impacted by our employees, who are responsible for this achievement.

In 2015, Vector received the Probare Maturity Seal. This means that Vector was classified as a model company with respect to the organization, quality of services offered, training and investments in people, infrastructure and processes.

“It’s a big pride for our company. When we started the Probare certification process, we always looked for the ultimate seal of excellence that is Maturity. This means our services are highly competitive and efficient, “said Deborah Barra, president and founder of Vector Contact Center.

Also in 2015, For the Modern Consumer Award for Customer Service Excellence, the company wins the Small and Medium Operations category. Considered one of the most awaited awards by the industry, the award evaluates and elects the companies that invest the most and value the customer relationship industry. For Vector, this is one of the most important recognitions of the relationship market. “This is an achievement that makes us proud. Our investments and efforts in the pillars: technology, infrastructure and people signal that we are on the right track. Recognition like this only motivates us to focus our efforts on leadership in the industry, “said Deborah Barra, president of the company.

In the year 2015 was performed by Client S.A, the International Congress of Customer Management rewards Vector for its results achieved with the programs dedicated to training and training our employees.

In September 2015, Vector completed 15 years of market and the celebration of all the history and good results was carried out with all the company’s employees, who helped to build the whole Vector success story together.

2015: Vector selected by ABT as the best company of the year for its HR programs, for the People Management category. The award promotes best practices in the customer relationship industry. Its credibility of 15 years of market shows the high added value of actions that aim to bring people closer together.

In addition to the national awards, Vector was also voted Ceará’s Best Service Company of 2015 by the Telemarketing segment by the PPE (Advertising, Promotions and Events) of the State of Ceará. The indication has the support of the State Government, the Municipality of Fortaleza and the Legislative Assembly and aims to recognize the companies that have stood out most regionally.

Considered one of the main recognitions of the Latin American market in the call center sector, Vector was elected the company of the year for the category of Best Human Capital Management in Brazil at the Latam Prize 2015. The awards ceremony took place in the city of Mexico, at a gala dinner during the Global Contact Forum attended by professionals from the tele service sector throughout Latin America.

The Vector group began the year 2016 with a new face and with new challenges. Vector It Solutions was added to the portfolio, bringing to the market state-of-the-art technology services to meet more and more customers.

Still in 2016 the vector brand added to its identity a slogan that represented in fact the full potential of its portfolio denominated: Vector Contact Center, BPO and IT.

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