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Customer Service

Customer Service

The Customer Service provides the company listen to the demands, needs and suggestions of its customers regarding the products and services provided by your company.

It is a highly strategic communication channel as listening to an improvement enables the consumer continues policy of the company that provides this service.

This service can also be considered an Ombudsman, which directs the solutions to the demands of consumers.

The Customer Service can be applied both to companies that speak directly to the consumer, known as B2C (Business to Consumer), and for companies that talk to other companies, B2B (Business to Business). The company that decides to invest in a SAC chooses to offer more than one service, choose to develop a relationship with your customers.


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What are the main advantages?

The Vector currently has more than 2,500 service points to ensure the right amount of operators according to their needs.

Our operators undergo constant training in order to increase its performance during the sessions, making them increasingly rapid, efficient and focused on helping your audience what it looks.

Today, maintain a SAC structure within the company becomes a high investment, especially in a period of financial stability or market. Also, monitor and train personal can be an additional cost to your company. Thus, outsource the customer service center becomes a profitable option for your business.

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